Magnacult – Ill Nino support Aschaffenburg

Hier noch schnell ein paar Bilder der Combo “Magnacult” die für Ill Nino den Support in Aschaffenburg gemacht haben. Echt nette Combo mit hartem Sound. Leider, wie auch bei Ill Nino viel zu wenig Licht und vor allem viel zu Rot.



Anyway, Magnacult schreibt über sich :

We are a musical conduit for a great and strong universal being called Magna.

Magna holds the ultimate power of wisdom, tolerance, love, compassion and peace.
However Magna also possesses the force of pure aggression (Synoré). Aggression that stems from insecurity, powerlessness and illness we call false aggression.

Pure aggression (Synoré) shall be implemented against those who are in touch with any form or Magna, but reject its goals to pursue a path of personal power, greed and evil as well as those who are threatening and destructive to the universe.
After drummer Bionic and guitarist D. left their former band they hooked up with guitarist Tom to work on some new songs and establish a ground base for their new band; MagnaCult. Vocalist Sebastiaan and bassist Spit were added to the line-up and new songs came popping up and began to get shape and form the unique sound of MagnaCult.

PS: Das Licht war wie beschrieben ziemlich übel, kurioser weise allerdings immer noch besser als bei Ill Nino selbst. Zumindest gab es hier ab und zu mal Frontlicht.